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 by Matt

“NewsHACKER has already changed the way I look at articles and watch debates...I’m loving it.”

 by Tony

“The dastardly thing about OPTHINK, it’s not a 10 week program. It’s for life!”

 by DJ

“The impact [of NewsHACKER] has been pretty significant. I've learned how to spot and recognize news sources that are less than credible and more importantly I now have the ability to bypass the news entirely to get concrete facts…”

 by Denise

“I just have to say [Winning the Workplace] is changing my life and helping me in so many ways. You are the best thing that has come my way in a long time!”

 by Hannah

“Finding [Winning the Workplace] came at the perfect time in my life. I have learned so much and have been able to apply everything taught here and it has literally changed my life.”

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