Find your Spy Superpower

12 simple questions to unleash your secret power

Every spy you’ve never known
started out as an everyday person first.

They had flaws, short-falls, frustrations, and fears just like you and me. But they also had a Spy Superpower, sometimes hidden deep inside, that they never knew.

Today, you discover the secret spy talent you were born with

This quiz was built by two former covert CIA officers and is designed to quickly find your hidden Spy Superpower. To get the most out of your results, make sure you:

  • Read each question fully before you answer
  • Choose the answer you truly think is best for you (hint: fight the urge to pick the first answer that JUMPS OUT at you…)
  • Avoid going back to review or change your answers

As an added BONUS, your quiz results will also tell you the one spy weakness that holds you back and how you can beat it forever.

When you are ready, scroll down to start your mission.

Andrew Bustamante
Andrew Bustamante,
ex-CIA officer and Founder of EverydaySpy

A stranger bursts in your front door! What’s the first thing you do?

What is the fastest way to get a person to buy the used bike you are selling online?

Why is money important to you?

Which of the following is your ideal vacation?

Your doctor just told you that your cholesterol is high, you are gaining weight, and you need to change your diet. What do you tell him?

If you woke up tomorrow morning with no money in your bank account and a voice message saying you lost your job, what would you do next?

A middle-aged woman has crossed near you several times and you have caught her looking at you from a distance. What do you do next?

My favorite people are...

The question I hate the most during a job interview is

I can take anything the world throws at me as long as I have

The thing I like the most about yoga is

My closest friends say that I…

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