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Human beings are tribal by nature…


PART I: Welcome to your SpyTribe.

Every covert operator starts out the same way – as an everyday person. 

We’re not born with special abilities and we don’t come from high-power families. We come from inner cities, country towns, urban centers and roads too small to put on a map. We come from broken homes and loving parents; family wealth and total poverty; tragedy and blessings.

But what connects our tribe isn’t where we started, it’s where we are going.

Elite intelligence services like CIA, MOSSAD, and MI6 don’t look for talent. They know that everyone has the potential to become a spy. Influence, persuasion, weapons handling, and tactical driving are skills that come with training and practice. And the skills aren’t what make a spy special.

What separates spies from everyone else is their relentless spirit.

Your passion for learning; your thirst for adventure; your tolerance for risk; your unshakable confidence in yourself. 

You operate independently, you keep your focus, you think creatively and succeed where others fail. 

When you bring people together who thrive on challenge and embrace the unknown, you create a tribe that can achieve the impossible.

That is your SpyTribe.

Part II: Symbols and Meaning

Human beings have always inspired themselves with the natural world around them.

The food they eat, the shelters they build, and even the art they create all reflect the nature – aka: the Totems – of the tribe. 

Your SpyTribe is no different.

A Totem is an element of nature that represents the strengths, values, and desires of the tribe.

The SpyTribe has three Totems that serve as beacons of hope and encouragement to all who belong…

      1. The Dragonfly: The fastest insect in the world, the dragonfly is also indigenous to every continent on the planet except Antarctica. It can fly in any direction, including a hover, and change directions in a single wingbeat. Born underwater, the dragonfly is the most successful predator on the planet once it becomes airborne.
        The power, grace, and nearly invisible nature of the dragonfly was the reason CIA created a spy drone in the 1970s that exactly modeled the look and movement of a dragonfly.
      2. The Thorn: Thorns were the first defensive weapon ever to exist in history and remain highly effective, protecting homes, property lines, and tracts of untouched forest all over the world. Many of mother nature’s most highly regarded flowers and trees have evolved thorns to protect the species and ensure survival. In the Christian faith, Jesus Christ died wearing a crown of thorns meant to mock him but that instead showed his sacrifice and courage to serve.
      3. The Language: Latin is the language that provided the foundation for all Western civilization. It remains the international language of science, mathematics, medicine, and combat. Just as CIA’s clandestine service motto Veritatem Cognoscere inspires operatives to find the truth they need, your SpyTribe motto Vitae Cognoscere inspires you to live the life you want.

Vitae Cognoscere – To Know Life

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