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How You Know If Your Job Is Killing You

Greetings Everyday Spy, If you are wondering if your job is killing you, the answer is most likely ‘yes.’ Not long into my freshman year at the Air Force Academy, I attended a class function where an F-16 fighter pilot was giving an inspirational speech. I remember being so excited to meet a real-life fighter […]

Sexpionage, Sparrows, Ravens, and Honey Pots (Sex and Spies: Part III)

Greetings Everyday Spy, National security secrets will always be lost to sexpionage, sparrows, ravens, and honey pots. Yes, I’m talking about the birds and bees – but not the ones you might think. In part one of this series, you learned the science behind how sex can boost your everyday performance by releasing beneficial hormones […]

Sex and Spies (Part II): Drive, Desire and the Power Paradox

Greetings Everyday Spy, The greatest lie you’ve ever been told is that men and women see sex differently. Sex is not a gender thing – it is a human thing. Men aren’t wired to see sex as a conquest. Women aren’t genetically coded to see sex as a lifelong commitment. These mainstream beliefs about sex […]

Sex and Spies (Part I): 3 Ways Sex Boosts Your Everyday Performance

Greetings Everyday Spy, Living and working undercover is incredibly exciting. Hollywood spy movies make it look like every moment of a covert operation is dangerous; high-stakes and high-pressure. In reality, you know your cover is working best when nobody notices you. When you successfully ‘blend in’ to your environment, you appear as plain and mundane […]

#SpyHACK: Instant Energy

Greetings Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK!  Finding energy is a daily challenge. Whether you are a parent trying to keep things from falling apart mid-week or a field operator trekking through war-torn territory, energy is at the core of your success.  CIA was an interesting and exciting place to work… most of the […]