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Sex and Spies (Part II): Drive, Desire and the Power Paradox

Greetings Everyday Spy, The greatest lie you’ve ever been told is that men and women see sex differently. Sex is not a gender thing – it is a human thing. Men aren’t wired to see sex as a conquest. Women aren’t genetically coded to see sex as a lifelong commitment. These mainstream beliefs about sex […]

Sex and Spies (Part I): 3 Ways Sex Boosts Your Everyday Performance

Greetings Everyday Spy, Living and working undercover is incredibly exciting. Hollywood spy movies make it look like every moment of a covert operation is dangerous; high-stakes and high-pressure. In reality, you know your cover is working best when nobody notices you. When you successfully ‘blend in’ to your environment, you appear as plain and mundane […]

#SpyHACK: Instant Energy

Greetings Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK!  Finding energy is a daily challenge. Whether you are a parent trying to keep things from falling apart mid-week or a field operator trekking through war-torn territory, energy is at the core of your success.  CIA was an interesting and exciting place to work… most of the […]

Beating COVID19 (Part 2): 3 Ways to Keep Coronavirus Out of Your House

Greetings Everyday Spy, As we continue toward the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak, I received some interesting news. It turns out that I have been identified as ‘essential personnel.’  After spending nearly two decades serving with CIA and the US Air Force, I am familiar with working in the middle of a crisis. But this […]

Control in the Chaos Webinar Replay

Join my 4 Week Crisis Control Workshop Here Greetings Everyday Spy, CIA trained me to overcome chaos by taking control. They taught me how to use mindset, health, and community to stay focused. I learned the truth about fear and panic during my time in the field and discovered the tools to convert disaster into […]