During times of global crisis, bad actors always try to take advantage of everyday people. They use propaganda, mainstream media, and social engineering to divide friends, families, and even governments. They twist curiosity into confusion so that they can create chaos.

But their mission fails when people understand their tactics.

In this exclusive briefing, former agents from two of the world’s top intelligence agencies, the CIA and KGB, will join forces to teach you exactly those tactics.

They will unveil the hidden agenda of the Russian state during these historic times, and unveil the knowledge AND skills necessary to combat misinformation and propaganda in every aspect of daily life.

Attendees will learn:

  • The impact of Russian targeting on YOU and YOUR FAMILY and how you can protect your loved ones from their attacks so that you can rest easier at night
  • How Russia is using the COVID-19 crisis to their advantage so that you can ruin their plans to steal your freedom
  • How Russia is MEDDLING with both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in order to inform your friends and VOTE with a clean conscience
  • The incredible 40-year Russian SPY OPERATION that is still going on RIGHT NOW (Get ready to shock your neighbors and coworkers!)

In addition, these two highly-trained agents will explain:

  • Three methods for spotting propaganda online, in media, and over the airwaves so that you can defeat it
  • The #1 most important thing you MUST know to protect yourself and your family from foreign intel operatives so that you can take control of your own safety
  • How to become a human lie detector against mainstream media so you can know who to trust
  • Three ways to IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE Russian influence in your everyday life so that you can safeguard your family, your country, and our national legacy
  • And much, MUCH more!

Andy and Jack charge thousands for private consulting with individuals and corporations.

VIP ACCESS to this one-of-a-kind briefing is valued at $1,300. But during this time of crisis, the hosts are making access available at just $19.99.