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Need Help? Call Now - (386) 302-6973 or email

Here is What You Get!

  • Influence training from Andrew's signature OPTHINK Field Manual ($597 Value)

    Learn real-world influence tactics from an ex-CIA officer to think like a spy and take control of your career by making more money than you ever thought possible.

  • The Complete Spy’s Tool Kit ($697 Value)

    Practical exercises, hand-picked case studies, and convenient checklists for rapid learning that help you stay on track and never fall behind on the exact steps to make more money.

  • The Personality Powerkit ($199 Value)

    This cutting edge personality plan gives you proven CIA methods that turn your natural wiring into an unstoppable power source so you can dominate your environment, your workplace, and your competition.

  • The Social Capital Action Course ($297 Value)

    Learn the 3-part strategy covert operatives use to overcome fear and take control so that you can permanently change workplace doubt into career confidence.

  • BONUS: The Winning the Workplace Crash Course ($97 Value)

    This crash course is the shortcut to your first influence victory so you can win money fast and leave coworkers green with envy from your sudden gains.

  • EXCLUSIVE: My Mind Readers Toolkit (Not For Sale!)

    This Guide to the mind helps you to predict what everyone in the room is thinking and keeps you one step ahead of your competition by anticipating exactly what they will do before even they know it.

Total Retail Value: $1,897

Your Price Today: $297

Here is What People are Saying:

“This program is excellent! It’s even better than a second degree!” - March 2020

“Using the techniques I learned here, my employer committed to invest in me and my future...I’m on path to promotion!” - May 2020

My 100% risk-free guarantee:

If Influential Income doesn’t pay for itself in the first 10 days, I’ll gladly refund your money with no questions asked.

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