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Need Help? Call Now - (386) 302-6973 or email

Here is What You Get!

  • Access to Andrew’s signature ‘Reading Between The Headlines’ Training ($637 Value)

    Learn the system elite intelligence services use so you can get to the heart of headline news, make sense out of spin, and hack through media noise to find the facts that matter most to you, your family, and your future.

  • The News Hacker Master Kit ($499 Value)

    Custom built handbooks, hand-picked case studies, and real-world exercises to boost your learning, keep you on track, and give you the tools to crack the facts behind every headline.

  • The CIA ARC Process ($197 Value)

    This powerful process will give you the proven CIA method to quickly become the trusted news expert at home, in the office, and in all your social circles.

  • Unlocking the Political Playbook ($499 Value)

    Get the playbook politicians use during debates, campaign speeches, and public events so you can get in their head, keep them out of yours, and use their strategies to your own advantage in all aspects of everyday life.

  • Election Season Access to Andrew’s Confidential ‘Hidden Headline’ ($97/month Value)

    Join Andrew’s inner circle of current and former covert operators around the world by getting access to hand-selected international headlines that the rest of the world doesn’t see. Plug into the ultimate underground news network and learn what others never will.

  • BONUS: Social Media Chaos Primer ($49 Value)

    Get everything you need to handle fast-breaking and viral social media updates so you can stay informed, beat the chaos, and stop feeling like a slave to online notifications.

  • EXCLUSIVE: The Election Intel Cell (Not Available Anywhere!)

    Get your personal invitation to this private election inner circle where Andrew and Jihi will break down real-time election updates, break open campaign stories making headlines, and break through election lies to give you the clearest, truest picture of what is happening in election news.

Total Retail Value: $1,978

Your Price Today: $667

Here is What People are Saying:

“Excellent! This has been invaluable to me in my day job.” - Aaron, June 2020

“Great information! The ARC process has so much value… it can change your life.” - Bret, June 2020

“This is just OUTSTANDING!” - Tom, June 2020

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If News Hacker doesn’t have you predicting headlines in 3 days or less, drop me a line and I’ll gladly refund your money with no questions asked

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