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The world’s secret intelligence agencies value the mind over all other weapons. A well-trained mind cannot be detected, disarmed, or deterred by outside threats. It is at the center of every operational decision and determines the fate of both the operation and the operator.

Operational thinking (OPTHINK) is the tool field agents use to control key mental functions related to risk tolerance, fear management, social mechanics, mental optimization, and more. We master everyday skills like persuasion, negotiation and self-discipline to build influence, predict human behavior, and develop high-value relationships.

By conditioning the way your mind processes information, you can take control of yourself, your opponents, and your environment. Known as elite cognitive conditioning, this training has never before been made available to the public.

  1. 50 hours of coursework derived from elite intelligence academies around the world
  2. 10 weeks of tailored OPTHINK training designed to master your everyday life
  3. Real-world practical exercises that integrate OPTHINK training into your daily life
  4. Lifetime access to the OPTHINK resource library, including training videos, practical exercises, written materials and more