This Book is Every Politician's Worst Nightmare!

Decoding Debates’ is the second book in Andrew’s unprecedented Everyday Espionage series, designed to show you how spy tactics can help you dominate everyday life.

This new guidebook is a must-have for anyone frustrated by American politics, international conflict, and the rising popularity of fringe leaders and strong-man dictators.

The world we live in is growing more divided, angry, and violent than it has in the last hundred years. And while everyday people point fingers and blame one another, the true cause for the divide sits back and feeds the flames without getting caught.

Using real-world examples and simple language, ‘Decoding Debates’ teaches you the incredible secret strategy that political leaders use against you:

  • The tools politicians use to lie during debates, speeches, and public appearances without getting caught.
  • The hidden formula dictators use to twist civil issues into civil strife and take power.
  • The unspoken code political parties follow to pit entire populations against one another.

This isn’t conspiracy theory, foreign influence, or secret societies - it’s simple science.

Because real power is at stake.

First-world politicians and third-world dictators use a common set of tools to gain popular support even as they undermine public trust, inspire anger, and encourage doubt. Their secret weapon is a mental loophole that every human is born with. A flaw in how we follow logic, process information, and make decisions.

While psychologists, neurologists, and researches have known this flaw for decades, only politicians and covert intelligence operatives are trained to use it as a tool for control.

Because they know how the human mind works, they think they can fool you into believing anything. And sometimes, they win.

But now, you have their playbook. And that means you can win where others lose.

The choice is yours. And here is my promise to you:

If ‘Decoding Debates’ doesn’t blow you away in the first 10 minutes of reading it, just send me a note and I’ll refund your money AND let you KEEP THE BOOK!


I know how powerful this knowledge can be, and I want you to know that power.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Godspeed, #EverydaySpy