Serving as a covert intelligence officer with CIA, I’ve been in tense situations all over the world. And what got me out wasn't bullets, canned goods, or worry. It was training.

The key to overcoming any crisis is taking control.

CIA taught me how to manage my fear, leverage risk, and predict human behavior before I ever set foot in the field. They taught me how to assess any situation and maintain control of my environment.

With world media kicking into overdrive with their coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to get swept up in the panic and fear.

  1. Maybe you feel like the government should be in control.
  2. Maybe you feel like someone new should be in control.
  3. Maybe you feel like things are totally out of control.

The only person I trust with your safety is you. I want to put you in control.

And my job is to help.

I will show you how to use the same tools and techniques I was taught, so you can apply them to your daily life. I will teach you how to control your fear and anxiety, and predict the actions of the world around you. I will teach you how to find focus and calm in the midst of this storm and every storm yet to come...

By the end of my 4 week Crisis Control workshop, you will know facts that others don’t, have a plan to protect yourself and your family from COVID19, and have an optimized immune system.

You will have the tools to improve your physical and mental health and master the daily challenges this pandemic presents.

Join me today and take back control!


  • 4 weekly live calls covering COVID-19 status and solutions
  • Tailored COVID-19 intel reports that put you in control of facts
  • Exercises and nutrition tips to maximize your health and immunity
  • Dedicated online & in-person community to keep you connected

A $1995 Value for just $97

  • You get 4 weeks of limited access to my OPTHINK Elite Cognitive Training curriculum for FREE
  • PLUS… Workshop attendees can also lock in a Whole Year of Unlimited OPTHINK for 50% off the standard rate
Let me give you $2,594 in total value right now for $97!
I am paying the difference because I know your training will make all the difference.