• Ditching a Subway Stalker

    Greetings Everyday Spy, This past April, a short-notice invite to New York City put me in a pickle.  I had to find a way to...

  • #SPYHACK: Wonderful Wool

    Greetings, Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK! I’ve operated in nearly every climate our world has to offer. The far north is colder than I...

  • 3 Tokyo Teachings for Parents

    Greetings Everyday Spy, Our children aren’t that different from us. All they want is freedom. Freedom to explore. Freedom to learn. Freedom to have fun....

  • The Spies We Buy

    Greetings Everyday Spy, Every spy has one simple mission: collect valuable information. CIA taught me how to find, collect, and use information that others did...

  • Nukes and Ice Cream

    Greetings Everyday Spy, We are all trying to build something.  The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. I’m not just...

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Carry a conversation with anyone using spy skills

Carry a Conversation Like a Spy (Social Mastery Part II)

Greetings Everyday Spy, It’s time to learn how you can carry a conversation like a spy! Your questions after the first day of Social Mastery training reminded me of...

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