International Travel

Ditching a Subway Stalker

Greetings Everyday Spy, This past April, a short-notice invite to New York City put me in a pickle.  I had to find a way to convince my wife to watch the kids, alone, in our 32-foot RV, for 2 days.  We were crossing through Virginia on our way to Maine as part of our national […]

#SPYHACK: Wonderful Wool

Greetings, Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK! I’ve operated in nearly every climate our world has to offer. The far north is colder than I ever imagined.  I’ve had to ski down mountains so cold that the skis don’t slide. Once it gets colder than -30℉, the physics of skiing simply stop working.  Your breath […]

3 Tokyo Teachings for Parents

Greetings Everyday Spy, Our children aren’t that different from us. All they want is freedom. Freedom to explore. Freedom to learn. Freedom to have fun. You are your child’s hero. They watched you from the day they were born. They mimicked your voice pattern to learn how to speak. They modeled their social and personal […]

Nukes and Ice Cream

Greetings Everyday Spy, We are all trying to build something.  The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. I’m not just talking about career professionals. I’m talking about every person you see around you every day. People wearing aprons; people dressed in business suits; nurses in scrubs; roadside workers in coveralls.  […]

Of Kings and Fathers

Greetings Everyday Spy, From my #EverydaySpy family to yours, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! I became a Father in Thailand in 2012. Any father will tell you that Fatherhood doesn’t start the day you have a child, but rather the day you find out that your partner is pregnant. Fatherhood is terrifying, exciting, […]