Spy Hacks

#SPYHACK: Traveling With Money

Greetings Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK! I found myself on a sleeper train in Vietnam a few years ago, on my way from Hanoi to Hue. My wife and I were celebrating our first year of marriage.  Our ideal trip is planned more than it is spontaneous, but still well short of a […]

#SPYHACK: Wonderful Wool

Greetings, Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK! I’ve operated in nearly every climate our world has to offer. The far north is colder than I ever imagined.  I’ve had to ski down mountains so cold that the skis don’t slide. Once it gets colder than -30℉, the physics of skiing simply stop working.  Your breath […]

#SPYHACK: Powerful Passphrase

Greetings Everyday Spy, Welcome to your newest #SpyHACK! The number one factor in our personal security is our own choices and actions. After I left CIA, I worked on a Fortune 10 digital healthcare portal. A lady on the team with me was a stickler about online security and wanted every new user to create […]

#SpyHACK: Park to Exit

Greetings Everyday Spy, Welcome to your first #SpyHACK! SpyHACKs are specific actions you can use immediately to take control in everyday life. These are the tools real-world operatives use every day to keep themselves safe, sharp, and strong. The most important element to surviving any situation is having a planned exit. Today’s hack teaches you […]