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Why Your Smart kid Gets Bad Grades In School

Greetings Everyday Spy, I know exactly how frustrating and discouraging it is when your smart kid gets bad grades in school! My son, Sina, is an 8-year-old ball of joy and energy. He loves meeting new people, and new people love to meet him. He makes new friends fast, remembers everything he hears (which isn’t […]

Beating COVID19 (Part 6): A CIA Farewell to Coronavirus

Greetings Everyday Spy, If you are subscribed to EverydaySpy.com or follow my Everyday Espionage Podcast, then you know my recent frustration with experts. People who claim to be experts in their field but shy away from making professional predictions are of little value to our world. As Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines around the world, […]

Beating COVID19 (Part 3): 5 CIA Learning Tactics for Kids Stuck Indoors

Greetings Everyday Spy, Right now, there are 10,000 spies living undercover in Washington, D.C. Some are from CIA, like me. But most are not.  They are intelligence operatives from around the world who have gone undercover as diplomats, businessmen, journalists, and a variety of other creative and innovative identities. They are the best spies their […]

Beating COVID19 (Part 2): 3 Ways to Keep Coronavirus Out of Your House

Greetings Everyday Spy, As we continue toward the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak, I received some interesting news. It turns out that I have been identified as ‘essential personnel.’  After spending nearly two decades serving with CIA and the US Air Force, I am familiar with working in the middle of a crisis. But this […]

Beating COVID19 (Part 1): The Great Outdoors

Greetings Everyday Spy, If you are like me, you’ve had your fill of Coronavirus status updates and next-best-guess news reporting.  I’m a fan of reason, not reaction. And I’ve dedicated EverydaySpy.com to being a voice of COVID19 fact from the beginning of the outbreak. My mission remains the same – teach everyday people elite CIA […]